Crate Hire

Universal is able to offer a variety of crates for hire or purchase whether as an integral part of a relocation project undertaken on your behalf or as a standalone service.

Our years of experience in using crates make us ideally placed to recommend the number and type of crates required together with the appropriate crate moving equipment.

Crates are a cheap and highly effective tool utilised in any move, whether internal office move or a complete relocation, or as a short or long-term storage solution.

Plastic crates allowing the safe handling and secure transportation and storage for all manner of office property and personal effects.

More sturdy and offering greater security than boxes, crates are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit a clients’ needs and requirement, whether a small crate, ideal for personal items such as desk and desktop contents, larger crates, suitable for file and document storage and relocation, moving books and lateral filing systems or specialist IT crates for protecting, moving and storing hard-disks, thin clients, laptops, monitors, flat screens, or other computer related equipment.

All our crates are barcoded ensuring trackability and an audit trail giving a chronological record of the movement of crates from the original client location to the new location.

On a move, we are able to scan barcodes on site creating real time electronic reports of crate movements and ensuring that the correct number of crates are positioned at the correctly designated desk.

Contents can even be listed if required to quickly and conveniently assist with retrieval both of crates and of items within crates.

Universal recognises that crate administration and operations will often be one of the more negative elements of relocation experienced by clients. Accordingly, we have established a dedicated crate administrator who liaises internally with the Account Manager and move managers, and with the service provider. This ensures that the strict process of ordering, delivery, tracking, collection and reconciling is documented, monitored and reviewed.

Outside of a move, crate delivery, hire and collection is also available at competitive rates.

Universal have been featured as a case study on the PHS Teacrate website.
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