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There are many reasons as to why your business may require moving office space. Perhaps your business has grown in recent years, and your working environment needs to change to accommodate that. Alternatively, maybe you have occupied the same space for many years and need the morale boost of an exciting new location. Here at Universal Commercial Relocation Ltd, we specialise in ensuring whatever the reasons, your office relocation goes smoothly. Today, we will be taking a look at the relocation services we offer and their advantages to your business.

Our professional relocation services 

Though relocating as a business can seem daunting, it is often a necessary procedure for many businesses. While the reasons may vary, the hesitations and fears are often the same; reduced productivity and ability to complete the day’s tasks, a loss of material goods in the transition of the move, damage to expensive equipment and overall stress as you relocate are common fears of business owners and employees alike. While these fears may seem justified, our team here at Universal Commercial Relocation are highly trained in ensuring your business avoids these issues.

Our corporate relocation services will ensure an efficient and successful move of your business from one location to another. This means that while we will get your relocation finished in a fast and timely manner, we will not take shortcuts in order to achieve this; our team of highly trained and dedicated professionals will treat your business’s belongings with the utmost care, and will ensure you can get back to business as usual as quickly as possible.

What we offer 

Before we begin, as an office relocation company we will conduct a detailed and rigorous plan and full site survey. Once this has been outlined, our security vetted personnel will load your belongings into our transportation vehicles, fitted with tracking security for your added peace of mind. This team are qualified and experienced to load and unload these belongings, as well as to install and deinstall furniture. If you require a re-fitting of your office space, we also offer services in refurbishment, carpeting and electrical work.

Our global relocation services come with quality assurance. As removal specialists, we are an award-winning company accredited with BS 8522 in Commercial Moving. Furthermore, our ISO 14001 awarded Environmental Management System ensures we take all the necessary steps in caring for the environment when operating our services. In all our moves, we provide goods in transit, employer and public liability insurance, making sure that when relocating you can trust that the process will run smoothly.

As we are based in Greenford, we offer our relocation services across Greater London. For those looking for corporate relocation services in London, no business is too large or busy; for instance, our previous experience includes relocating museums, libraries, and hospitals.

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