Office and Furniture Reconfiguration during COVID-19

Organisations are gradually looking to bring staff back into offices that before Covid-19 provided a safe and suitable workspace. However, the post Covid-19 workplace will inevitably present new challenges and new requirements to ensure staff remain safe and are happy returning to work. The number of people that a workspace can realistically and safely accommodate whilst optimising desk and office space, maintaining social distancing and ensuring the safe flow of personnel traffic brings with it unique challenges.

Universal has a vast amount of experience in assisting organisations in reconfiguring their workplace, whether that means removing furniture and temporarily storing it, or rearranging desks and work environments to ensure working layouts and the changing workplace are safe and sustainable during this difficult time and meet social distancing requirements.

As clients start to reopen offices, they are working to reduce risk and make the workspace as safe as possible for their returning staff, some of whom are understandably nervous about restarting office life. Universal can undertake an antiviral disinfectant service by way of “fogging” the workspace in readiness for reopening. It is non-toxic, kills all pathogens including Covid-19 and is 10 times quicker than conventional cleaning. If requested, Universal can cover and seal the treated office chairs with plastic sheeting after fogging so the returning staff can see their work area has been cleaned and is ready.

We have changed our working practices to allow us to support your new operational requirements and practices. This means we have effectively changed the way we work to ensure our operatives and our clients are safe and their employees can safely return to work or if at work, can rest assured they will continue to remain safe whilst any work is undertaken around them.

We are supporting our clients to follow current government guidelines on social distancing. This may involve moving from agile working to fixed working positions or reorganising desk, canteen and meeting rooms layouts to ensure sufficient distance between tables, desks and chairs.

We are happy to support our clients in reconfiguring their workspace, whether that means removing desks and furniture to our facility for storage, re-spacing desks or reconfiguring systems furniture.

Where clients have decided to allow staff to remain working from home, we are happy to assist in delivering people’s office furniture to their home-offices to allow them to continue to work safely at home. If new furniture is being delivered, we have a team of furniture fitters who have years of experience in building and moving furniture.

Repurposing spaces and reconfiguring office workspaces may result in the need for surplus furniture to be stored off-site. We can offer competitively priced storage for such furniture on a short or long-term basis, or assist in recycling redundant furniture if it no longer required. All furniture or equipment that is no longer required can be collected and stored in our secure, 24-7 CCTV monitored storage facility.

A comprehensive inventory is provided to the client as a matter of course to allow for items to be returned as and when required.

As relocation experts, Universal can assist with any requirement to move office furniture, filing and people’s belonging either to additional floors within your current building or should it be deemed necessary, to alternative accommodation in a different building.

Universal have our own qualified IT professionals who work with our removal teams and can assist in the delivery and setting up of technology and office equipment.