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Whether you are a representative of an official body, the owner of a private company, or a private individual, you likely have certain items in your care which are irreplaceable or are of great value or importance. For the protection of such assets , it is vital to have access to secure storage facilities which are both reliable and convenient.
For businesses dealing in high-value, low-turnover products, keeping large amounts of stock on the premises can be fraught with risk. Many such wholesalers and retailers prefer to keep the majority of their stock at a remote and anonymous secure storage location which will not attract attention. The challenge is to find a suitable storage company to work with.
In this information age, the valuable resources of many organizations take the form of files and documentation, either in paper or digital form. These may include vital records and other documents related to customers, tax and legal matters, staff and personnel, or business and technical specifics. Other valuables come in the form of high value products, electronic devices, valuable materials, or even articles such as collector’s items and museum pieces.
Whatever form your valuables take, without the services of secure storage providers protecting them would be a constant source of worry. Accidental fire or water damage, or human risks such as loss, mishandling or theft all threaten the security of our important things. What are the options for those seeking to arrange secure storage for items of all kinds?
If you’re going to entrust a business partner with your most valuable products, you need to know that their site is safe and that their staff are trustworthy. After all, there’s no point taking your business to someone who takes your interests less seriously than you do.
Storing large amounts of information can also be problematic; backing up very sensitive information online is still risky, and keeping hard copies of documents such as tax records will lead to a great deal of space taken up with file cabinets.
Other assets such as equipment and materials also take up valuable space when you are trying to run a business. And while there are many secure storage providers out there, some may wonder just how safe commercial storage facilities really are, and whether they would offer the level of accessibility required by a busy company.
It is with all this in mind that Universal Commercial Relocation Ltd of London have decided to offer a comprehensive commercial storage solution aimed at companies who demand the highest standards of their service providers. Our secure storage facilities are conveniently located premises which are set up to offer the highest level of protection for your goods, around the clock and throughout the year. Our high tech security arrangements include: full CCTV coverage with Police connection, high specification smoke detectors and sprinkler system with Fire Brigade connection, computerised storage management, and fully vetted staff.
For more information regarding this and our other highly professional services including business relocations and IT move solutions, contact UCR today.