Museum Removals

At Universal Commercial Relocation Ltd, we provide our clients with a great range of removal and relocation services. Our highly experienced specialists are able to offer relocations including laboratory, library, museum and hospital moves. Here we focus our attention on our museum relocations, which require a very specialist service, with great care and attention due to the nature of museums and their exhibits.

It may be that there are many artefacts and works of art that require relocation, or you may need to transport large historic buildings into new surroundings. We work closely with you in order to fully get to grips with the contents that need moving, tailoring our packing, wrapping, lifting and protective relocation techniques in order to make sure your items get from A to B in one piece.

We provide detailed plans after our site visit and our professional and reliable team will be at your service to follow these plans with great care. Our experienced workforce will make sure to move any fine art and valuable museum pieces with the best consideration. To discover more about our museum removals or any other services, please get in touch through our contact form.